Shameless US: Mickey Milkovich Deserved Better.

“Shameless US” is now on its 8th season and a lot of things have happened in the series during this time. The creators of the show have made good decisions at times but on some occasions, they made some of the worst choices ever. An example? Sending Mickey Milkovich to jail, let him break out and run away to Mexico.

In his early days in the series, Mickey is a cold hearted, tough trouble maker. His family is even more dysfunctional than the Gallagher so he always has to invent new illegal ways to earn money to live. He is reckless, selfish and violent. But this is just what he wants other people to think of him, it is just a facade that he puts on to look dangerous and scary.

This mask he wears all the time starts to fall, disappear when Ian manages to win his heart. Mickey doesn’t want to admit, mostly to himself, who he truly is. He doesn’t accept being gay. He hides. He suffers because of his homophobe, abusive dad.

In all the hustle that is his life, he finds his safe haven, Ian. Thanks to their relationship Mickey changes. His character develops: he is now caring, selfless and incredibly supportive. During this time Mickey becomes fans’ favourite character as we all got to see his true colours. It is right at this point that producers decided to cut Mickey off from the show sending him to prison.


Ian and Mickey in a heart-breaking scene. Photo credit: Raffaella De Iacovo


Fans didn’t appreciate Mickey’s exit, mostly because of the beautiful relationship between Ian and Mickey but also because Mickey’s character is a great example of how it is important to accept who we really are even if the world tells us that is wrong.


My Top 3 Favourite Shows.


As my first post of this blog, here is a list of my favourite TV Shows. It was extremely hard to choose just three of them but I finally managed to do it.

  • Supernatural

12 years ago Dean knocked on the door of his little brother Sam to tell him that dad John had gone on a hunt and he hadn’t come back home since. Well, these are the risks you face when you hunt supernatural creatures for a living. Ever since then, the Winchester brothers have been driving around the States looking for new monsters to kill and people to safe. This is their family business after all.

Favourite Character: Sam Winchester

  • Shameless US

The title of the show explains a lot of its plot. Sex, drugs and illegal affairs as well as love, family and powerful feelings, are at the heart of Shameless. Set in the south side of Chicago, It tells the story of the Gallaghers, a dysfunctional family in which dad Frank is a selfish alcoholic and mum Monica is an addict with mental health issues that keeps running away. Fiona, the oldest of seven children, has to take over the place of her parents and keep the family together by taking care of her siblings.

Favourite Character: Lip Gallagher.

  • Glee

The Glee Club was a safe place for all those people, in the show as in real life, who felt like they didn’t fit in anywhere. “Being a part of something special makes you special” was the favourite quote of many “Gleeks” aka the fandom. “Glee” celebrates being different, a reject, by telling the story of a group of teenagers who are all part of the Glee Club at their school, The William McKinley High School.

Favourite Character: Kurt Hummel