Is Sherlock really over?

After years of exhausting wait, fans finally got to watch Sherlock‘s fourth season. Well, the happiness for the new episodes didn’t last long as it is already over, but it was worth it. Sherlock is once again on hiatus but what really scares us all is the possibility thatThe Last Problem”  wasn’t just the season finale but it could turn out to be the series’ last episode ever!



The end of season four shows our “Baker Street boys” back to their lives as investigators now that all the drama with Moriarty and Eurus Holmes has come to a solution. For the first time, there weren’t any major plot twists or cliff-hangers in the last sequence of the finale and, according to the endless conspiracy theories going around on social media, this could be a sign that Sherlock days are over.

Despite all the angst and despair this news is bringing into our lives, there’s always hope in the Sherlock fandom. Rumours said that a secret fourth episode was going to air next Sunday, but unfortunately, Steven Moffat has recently denied it. The Sherlock fandom is used to the constant anxiety that the show brings into their lives once every 40 years (when new episodes come out) so they’ll be able to accept that this might be the end of their favourite show.

Best moment in the history of television: Moriarty making his great come back stepping out of the helicopter while dancing to “I want to break free”. Let’s face it, we were all jumping around our living rooms with tears of joy in our eyes. Until we read “5 years ago” at the bottom of the screen and we realised that Jim Moriarty, the best villain in the history of villains, was actually dead. RIP Jimmy.