How To Get Away With Murder: Who Killed Wes Gibbins?


Photo Credit: Raffaella De Iacovo


Season 3 of How To Get Away With Murder is coming to an end this week with a special two-hour finale. The winter finale already left us all breathless and I have the feeling that the same thing will happen in a few days. We all want to know what really happened the night Wes was killed but the episode we got to watch after the Christmas break are not helping.

I have to admit, as it usually happens when I watch this show, that I am extremely confused and I have absolutely no idea on who might have killed Annalise Keating’s favourite student. The only thing I am sure of is that Frank, Connor, and Nate, the three main suspects, are innocent. But who killed Wes then?

Reading the various reactions to the latest episodes on social media, I’ve come across different conspiracy theories regarding who might be the murderer. Some people don’t trust Meggie’s sketchy behaviour, most of all her trying to be friends with Laurel.Why would you want to be friends with the girl your late ex-boyfriend cheated on you with? No one would do that.
Other people, on the other hand, still find Connor incredibly suspicious. In the last episode, we saw Connor trying to reanimate Wes in Annalise’s house before the fire. But why would he want to reanimate the guy if he was the one who killed him? It is true that he’s been acting weird and heartless but I strongly believe that was just some sort of defence for all the bad things that are happening to him and his friends.

I personally can’t wait to finally find out what led to Wes’ death and to admire once again the genius of the producers that created this whole incredible story.




Review: Supernatural 12×12 “Stuck in The Middle (With You)”

The most recent episode of season twelve sees our favourite hunters busy in hunting down a powerful demon together with their mum and the angel Castiel. Unlike the rest of the episodes of Supernatural, “Stuck in the middle (with you)” starts by showing the dream team already at work on a case while they try to come up with a plan to kill the demon. The storytelling of the episode in not linear, in fact, which makes the whole story way more engaging and interesting. I guess this is one of the qualities that has allowed the show to run for at least 13 years: the capacity to invent and find new elements and plots that are still able to entertain the audience. The plot of this episode is by far one of the best we’ve seen during this season and the introduction of flashbacks and flashforwards made it even more intriguing.

Beginning of the flashback. Photo Credit: Raffaella De Iacovo


Dean, Sam, Castiel and Mary have to deal with a demon, an incredibly powerful one. He is, in fact, one of the Princes of Hell, almost as bad as Lucifer himself. Castiel gets severely injured in the fight against Ramiel, the demon, as he stabs him with the lance of Michael, a lance that kills angels softly and painfully. Thanks to the help of Crowley, aka the King of Hell, they manage to defeat Ramiel and save Castiel from his death.

In this episode we find out that Mary is working with the British Men of Letters while hiding it from her boys. Is she going to cause a lot of troubles? Are Sam and Dean going to get really mad at their mum when they find out? Yes, yes to both and honestly I look forward for when it happens.

Lucifer is back, let’s celebrate!

Shameless US: Mickey Milkovich Deserved Better.

“Shameless US” is now on its 8th season and a lot of things have happened in the series during this time. The creators of the show have made good decisions at times but on some occasions, they made some of the worst choices ever. An example? Sending Mickey Milkovich to jail, let him break out and run away to Mexico.

In his early days in the series, Mickey is a cold hearted, tough trouble maker. His family is even more dysfunctional than the Gallagher so he always has to invent new illegal ways to earn money to live. He is reckless, selfish and violent. But this is just what he wants other people to think of him, it is just a facade that he puts on to look dangerous and scary.

This mask he wears all the time starts to fall, disappear when Ian manages to win his heart. Mickey doesn’t want to admit, mostly to himself, who he truly is. He doesn’t accept being gay. He hides. He suffers because of his homophobe, abusive dad.

In all the hustle that is his life, he finds his safe haven, Ian. Thanks to their relationship Mickey changes. His character develops: he is now caring, selfless and incredibly supportive. During this time Mickey becomes fans’ favourite character as we all got to see his true colours. It is right at this point that producers decided to cut Mickey off from the show sending him to prison.


Ian and Mickey in a heart-breaking scene. Photo credit: Raffaella De Iacovo


Fans didn’t appreciate Mickey’s exit, mostly because of the beautiful relationship between Ian and Mickey but also because Mickey’s character is a great example of how it is important to accept who we really are even if the world tells us that is wrong.